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About the Beach House
Set on 650 feet of pristine Gulf front beach, the old Harbor House restaurant was purchased in 1993 by Ed Chiles. His vision of a moderately priced restaurant serving great seafood both indoors and outdoors transformed into what is the Beach House Restaurant. Today the location features a climate friendly outdoor deck providing beautiful oceanfront vistas and signature Anna Maria Island sunsets on display every evening.

Throughout the process of the renovations which were completed in the Spring of 2017, the mantra of "be a good steward of the environment" echoed from the construction to the menu and beyond. The Beach House is a model for environmental friendly development and operations.
read more about our environmental initiatives.

The Beach House Restaurant
"The goal of the Beach House is to be a world-class location that adheres to the principles of sustainability and eco-consciousness, provides guests a welcoming and comfortable environment and at the very core, is casual waterfront dining at its best"
- Ed Chiles
Meet the Team
Ed Chiles - Owner
Ed Chiles - Owner
Long before there were high rise hotels and million dollar mansions, there was the authentic Florida built around family, farming and the sea. From that landscape, Ed Chiles was born into a family that was centered on protecting that culture and ensuring that it survives for future generations.

Ed's father, Lawton Chiles, fulfilled that family mission from Florida's leadership as a senator and finally as a governor of the state. Ed Chiles continues to fulfill his family's mission through his work leading the way in adopting environmental policies in his businesses and his professional life. You can read more about the Beach House's environmental initiatives and local ingredients.

Ed is a Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization affiliate, serves as a faculty member of the USF Patel College of Global Sustainability, and the Beach House, Sandbar and Mar Vista are the only restaurant members of the Blue Community Consortium which works to protect oceans, coastal habitat, and marine environment in Florida.
Dave Gallagher - General Manager
Dave Gallagher - General Manager
Dave began his 33-year career in the restaurant industry at a large waterfront restaurant in Connecticut. After more than 15-years there, he moved to Anna Maria Island working as a kitchen manager and eventually joined the Beach House as an Assistant Manager.

Promoted to General Manager in March of 2016, Dave led the restaurant during its final phase of renovations when the focus shifted from the recently remodeled dining room and bar to the outdoor deck.

"I'm thrilled to be part of the team and look forward to carrying on Ed's passion for food while bringing his vision of forward thinking, locally-focused and sustainable culinary practices to life."
Will Manson - Executive Chef
Will Manson - Executive Chef
Will Manson has been Executive Chef of the Beach House since 1999. He received his first classical training from Chef Jean Pierre Knaggs, owner of the popular Bijou Cafe in downtown Sarasota. Will was given the opportunity to attend the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY.

His experience in boutique restaurants combined with the discipline of large restaurant companies like the Outback Steakhouse Corporation and Darden along with the immense responsibility of serving thousands of guests at a time through the Orange County Convention Center makes Will in a word - "seasoned".

Being kitchen manager and executive chef of the Beach House with 525 seats of indoor and outdoor dining on the Gulf of Mexico takes a tremendous amount of skill, discipline, and a whole lot of passion.
Teddy Louloudes - Head Baker
Teddy Louloudes - Head Baker
Teddy Louloudes, a Bradenton native and Head Baker for the Chiles Restaurant Group moved to Napa Valley to attend the Culinary Institute of America after earning a Business Management degree from Florida State University.

Upon finishing the culinary program, he worked in several NYC restaurants including Lafayette Grand Cafe and Bakery.

After returning to Florida, Teddy held positions at Bern's Steak House, Epicurean Hotel and SideBern's restaurant. He also became involved with Chiles's farm, Gamble Creek, where he spent time growing, harvesting and processing many of the products we use.

His passion for baking is the driving force that shines where rustic sourdough, ciabatta, brioche, muffins and focaccia are being made daily and getting rave reviews.
Kimberly Lemke - Events Sales Manager
Kimberly Lemke - Events Sales Manager
Kim Lemke has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and has always had a passion for event planning and the catering industry. She has held the senior level sales manager position and built her reputation on optimizing the social market for the past 15 years with Ocean Properties, Ltd. Kim's experience started in operations with countless corporate events, social fundraisers, family reunions and of course, weddings!! She grew up in Mystic, Connecticut and moved to sunny Sarasota in 1994.

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