Beach House - Waterfront Dining
The Beach House and the Environment
Being a world-class beachfront restaurant is fantastic for our guests and staff, but at the Beach House, we have our bar set a little bit higher as we want to be a world-class beachfront restaurant that adheres to the principals of sustainability and eco-conciousness without comprimising the guest experience. It takes a little more effort but we think that the payoff is well worth it. Our focus on the environment impacted the construction improvements to the building and property as well as the unique way we view our restaurant operations.
Environmental Construction
  • Parking lot water management system
  • Sea Turtle friendly lighting
  • Beach friendly native landscaping
Environmental Operations
General Eco Friendly Initiatives
  • A Member of the Blue Community Consortium
  • UN Global Observatory Site
  • Ed Chiles - Faculty member at USF Patel College of Sustainability

The Beach House focuses on sustainable seafood for your dinner.
You are out for a night of relaxation and a nice dinner. You order your food and take in the aroma, texture, and taste of your seafood entree. Who knew supporting the health of the environment could be so enjoyable and simple?
At the Beach ...more info

Lodge cookware delivers even temperatures and deeper flavors.
When you take the time to source fresh and local ingredients, it is nice to know that you can cook it in cookware that can stand the test of time. The Beach House is proud to use Lodge Cast Iron Cookware in its kitchens. Founded in Tennessee in 1896 by ...more info

The Beach House celebrates Earth Day with START to rebuild oyster beds.
With nearly 100 guests in attendance on Sunday, April 22nd at the Studio at Gulf and Pine for the Earth Day Culinary Celebration, the Sandbar, Beach House and Mar Vista restaurants collaborated to provide delicious and innovative food and drinks to support ...more info

The Beach House is dedicated to the most environmentally friendly meals available.
It's no secret that Ed Chiles, owner of the Beach House, is dedicated to the cause of using ecologically sound practices to have as little impact on the environment as possible.  Recently the Beach House restaurant started completing the circle of ...more info

Caviar Craze
20,000 lbs equals 10 tons! That is how many oyster shells our restaurants have collected since February!

Earlier this year, the Chiles Restaurant Group began participating in a Gulf Coast Oyster Recycle & Restoration Project (GCORR) aimed at ...more info

Caviar Craze
Local Solution to a Global Problem: Chiles Restaurant Group Leads the Charge on Gulf Coast Oyster Recycle & Restoration Project in Manatee County

The Chiles Restaurant Group has partnered with an incredible group of non-profit, commercial, ...more info

The Beach House and its sister restaurants recycle 10 tons of oyster shells.
In an effort to reduce waste to support the environment and encourage our customers to do the same, our restaurant has launched the new "Skip the Straw" campaign.

The Skip the Straw campaign has now taken hold in Anna Maria Island. Last month, ...more info

Have a great time while benefiting the Sarasota Bay Watch.
It's been a busy summer. The long awaited major renovation of the Mar Vista is beginning this week. We will build our new state of the art kitchen in the next four to five months and then we will take a deep breath and pause for the rush of season. We ...more info

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