Beach House - Waterfront Dining
From the Bakery
"Baking is the perfect blend of chemistry, skill and most importantly - passion."

During the renovations, the Beach House was equipped with an on-site bakery so that we could provide our guests with the freshest and most unique flavors to enhance their dining experience with us. Head Baker Teddy Louloudes creates the amazing baked goods at the Beach House.

Running two shifts a day, the on-site bakery produces nearly all of the breads that you enjoy at the Beach House. The recipes include local organic grains from Carolina Ground mixed in with just about all of our doughs.

Baked Fresh at the Beach House
Enjoy fresh bakery items including dinner rolls, brioche buns, baguettes, ciabatta, pullman loaves, croissants, burger buns, flat breads and desserts including key lime pie, tarts, scones, cheesecakes, muffins and more.

House made bread available every day at the Beach House