Beach House - Waterfront Dining
Locally Sourced Ingredients
"We provide local farm-to-fork produce and locally sourced tide-to-table seafood for the Freshest, Authentic Florida meal."

Gamble Creek Farms
Gamble Creek Farm
A local organic farm committed to quality produce.
Jubilee OrchardsOpens in a new window
Jubilee Orchards
A local organic and hydroponic farm.

Worden FarmOpens in a new window
Worden Farm
A certified organic family farm growing sustainable vegetables.
Cortez Fishing Village
Cortez Fishing Village
Local seafood including the Cortez Mullet. read more
Beagle Bay OrganicsOpens in a new window
Beagle Bay Organics
Serving delicious sauerkraut.

Dakin DairyOpens in a new window
Dakin Dairy
Multigenerational farm producing fresh dairy products from healthy cows using sustainable methods.
Bradley StoreOpens in a new window
Bradley Store
A multigenerational country store selling the finest quality coarse ground country milled grits.
Fresh Baked Breads
Fresh Made Breads from the Beach House Bakery
Breads, rolls, pastries and more made fresh daily in our own in-house bakery. read more
Tyler's Ice CreamOpens in a new window
Tyler's Ice Cream
Ice Cream made locally in the Cortez Fishing Village.
Lake Meadow NaturalsOpens in a new window
Lake Meadow Farm
Local cage free eggs and chickens.

Willy Wexler
Willy Wexler
Locally grown avocados and pumelos.
Local Fishing Community
Locally Sourced Seafood
Our culinary team works with local fishermen, shrimpers, crabbers and shell fishers to bring you the freshest local gulf seafood.

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