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Caviar Craze
Local Solution to a Global Problem: Chiles Restaurant Group Leads the Charge on Gulf Coast Oyster Recycle & Restoration Project in Manatee County

The Chiles Restaurant Group has partnered with an incredible group of non-profit, commercial, ...more infoOpens in a new window

The Beach House and its sister restaurants recycle 10 tons of oyster shells.
In an effort to reduce waste to support the environment and encourage our customers to do the same, our restaurant has launched the new "Skip the Straw" campaign.

The Skip the Straw campaign has now taken hold in Anna Maria Island. Last month, ...more infoOpens in a new window

Have a great time while benefiting the Sarasota Bay Watch.
It's been a busy summer. The long awaited major renovation of the Mar Vista is beginning this week. We will build our new state of the art kitchen in the next four to five months and then we will take a deep breath and pause for the rush of season. We ...more infoOpens in a new window

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