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Mullet – It’s On Our Menus!

August 2, 2017

When you want to eat local fish, you can’t get more local than Mullet! Cortez Grey Striped Mullet dates back to the days when the Timucuan and Calusa Native Americans inhabited Anna Maria Island. Historically, Mullet was underappreciated for its value both economically and nutritionally. Today, we revere mullet as one of the most sustainable, heritage fish available. And we are lucky enough to have it caught right here in our own back yard in the Gulf of Mexico by generations of fishermen.

We are on a mission - a Mullet Mission - to let people know how delicious Mullet tastes and how valuable it is to our local economy. Mullet season starts in late July as the fish fatten up in preparation for their breeding season and egg production. They stay fat until the end of the year. In early August, hundreds of local fishermen, cast nets in hand, converge on the schools of mullet as they run up and down the coast, bringing in thousands of mullet for our guests to enjoy. It is quite the site to see and a time honored tradition. If you have never had mullet, just try it. We think you will be "hooked". If you have only had it the traditional way - smoked, give it a try at our restaurants where we fry, grill and blacken it. We also make our famous Mullet Fish Dip, a real treat this time of year! If you have had mullet we don’t have to tell you how delicious it is so come in and enjoy some today. Not many restaurants around these parts serve it so we are proud to say we have this local and delicious fish on our menus whenever it is available. And by the way, Mullet is one of the highest fish in Omega 3 fats- the good fat.

Eat local, Eat Mullet!

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