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New Beach House Bridal Suite is Something Special!

May 30, 2017

Beach House Restaurant owner, Ed Chiles states, “Weddings and special events are such a significant part of what we offer at the Beach House. So when discussing the plans to renovate the Beach House deck and outside seating area, we knew we wanted to create a special place where the brides and the bridal party would feel comfortable as they get ready for the big day.”

The Beach House hosts approximately 150 weddings a year. Beach House General Manager, Dave Gallagher says, “Having a dedicated space on site was one we were very excited about providing to our brides. The new Bridal Suite is an amazing amenity to have on our property for our Weddings and Events.” The Bridal Suite is directly adjacent to the wedding pavilion providing an accessible, private location for the bride and her attendants to get ready and not be seen by the groom prior to walking down the aisle. Its close proximity to the reception pavilion also makes it convenient for the bride to discretely slip away for a moment during the reception if she needs to make any adjustments to her hair or makeup, bustle her dress or just freshen up throughout the evening.

The architect for all four stages of the Beach House renovations is the Schimberg Group headed up by Barron Schimberg. According to Patty Schimberg, the Schimberg Group’s interior designer, “Interestingly, although we were striving for the vintage beach house look our client sought, the furniture and most accessories are all contemporary pieces from widely available sources. We anchored the room with our custom designed vanity in a deep nautical blue with a classic Carrera marble top and chunky hardware to give it an industrial feel.  The over sized round mirror in a rose gold finish is by West Elm. Flanking the mirror are sconces with exposed Edison bulbs in an industrial/vintage style and above we mixed a more delicate decorative glass pendant light; both light sources providing the ideal lighting, soft but highly efficient. The telescoping camel leather bar stool serves as a perfect make-up and coiffing seat for a bride…yet the club chair shape is in keeping with the room’s feel.”

Patty continues, “The one true vintage piece is a charming Turkish Oushak area rug, a last minute substitute for the discontinued rug we originally proposed. We held our breath as the rug vendor, found on Etsy, informed us a week prior to our deadline, the rug had just left their village in Turkey! Well worth the anxious wait, the rug completes the room with its earthy pastel palette and unmistakable authenticity. We definitely obsessed about this special space…and it was one of those small, unexpected interior projects which also turned out to be a most challenging and rewarding one.”

The bridal suite is air conditioned with optimum lighting for wedding makeup and hair preparations. It boasts large mirrors, a wash basin and bathroom, and comfortable seating as well as a private entrance from the restaurant’s dining room through which the bride has access to the Beach House wedding coordinator. It is a secure place that brides and bridesmaids can store their personal belongings and treasured momentous. The space is large enough to accommodate the bride, her attendants and a photographer to capture those special moments while preparing for her big day.

According to Beach House wedding and event coordinator Shawn Rhoton, “I find being able to offer the brides a private bridal suite not only provides a place for the bride and her bridesmaids to get ready but also keeps the bride close to her guests and offers a beautiful background for any photos taken of the bride getting ready. I am proud to offer such a stunning and comfortable environment to our brides. It is the highlight of the tours I give to prospective brides.”

In addition to the new Bridal Suite, the newly renovated Beach House deck offers a completely private space for weddings, special events and corporate meetings. Large sliding partitions provide privacy for the area that can accommodate up to 80 people while still providing a view of the Gulf and spectacular sunsets. For more information on weddings or special events contact Beach House Wedding and Events coordinator Shawn Rhoton at

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