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Going Strawless!

November 18, 2016

In an effort to reduce waste to support the environment and encourage our customers to do the same, our restaurant has launched the new "Skip the Straw" campaign.

The Skip the Straw campaign has now taken hold in Anna Maria Island. Last month, the Chiles Restaurant Group joined the campaign and will now only give biodegradable straws to customers upon request.

Joining the initiative for a sea of change, one straw at a time, the program was implemented at the Beach House turning its concern about the effects of plastic pollution on the oceans and land into action.

According to Sarah Kollar, Project and Outreach Specialist for Ocean Conservancy in Washington, D.C., "Straws are one of the top ten items collected during cleanups thanks to the volunteers who collect data during the annual International Coastal Cleanup."

"When it comes to being environmentally conscious, most of us don't think twice about the disposable plastic straw," said Restaurant Group owner Ed Chiles. “Hopefully by communicating our actions, we will raise awareness regarding plastic pollution and its impact on the environment.”

The Chiles Restaurant Group is making significant strides in its efforts to be "plastic-free" and have implemented Single Stream Recycling in the location. This includes the introduction of a plastic cup alternative made exclusively of a commercial food grade cornstarch product which is completely biodegradable unlike many other industry options. Other eco-initiatives include the elimination of all foam containers, saltine cracker wrappers and other non-biodegradable products normally associated with Food Service operations. Next steps include the introduction of a complete line of eco-friendly "to go" containers and reusable packing crates for produce and seafood.

Chiles' restaurants will communicate its environmentally responsible actions through local restaurant marketing in the form of green messages designed to engage, educate and encourage its customers to join in their sustainable efforts to "Skip the Straw."

"As we ramp up our efforts to reduce our plastic footprint, we hope we can encourage others to do the same," Chiles added.

The new initiative comes from the Last Straw Challenge started by Ocean Conservancy to target plastic product consumption. People can sign up to pledge to "Skip the Straw". Together 25,000 people can save 5 million plastic straws from entering the ocean and filling the landfills in just one year.

Building on its efforts to engage and educate the community, Chiles Restaurant Group is proud to join with marine conservation and rehabilitation centers and like-minded sustainable businesses to reduce the use and waste of disposable, non-essential plastics.

So the next time you dine with us we hope you will join in our efforts to "Skip the Straw"!

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