Beach House - Waterfront Dining
The Circle of Life - Composting at the Beach House

April 19, 2018

It's no secret that Ed Chiles, owner of the Beach House, is dedicated to the cause of using ecologically sound practices to have as little impact on the environment as possible.  Recently the Beach House restaurant started completing the circle of life with their new compostable materials program.
How it works
  1. Our salad starts its life as a hydroponic plant, grown at Gamble Creek Farm.
  2. As your salad or entree is prepared, our team trims the vegetables so that only the best ingredients are used on your plate. The trimmings that aren't used are discarded into a composting bin for recycling.
  3. The composting materials are returned to Gamble Creek Farm to be combined with dirt and mulch to create the perfect mix of materials for the compost to become nutrient rich soil.
  4. After a few months of brewing, turning, brewing and some more turning, the compost is ready to be used again as soil.
  5. The nutrient rich soil is mixed with ground coconut husks and added to the hydroponic crops to become a hearty and healthy plant ready for trimming very soon completing the Circle of Life.

Tags: recycling, environmental