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Blueberries: Fresh Flavor and Locally Sourced

June 20, 2018

When it comes to Florida sourced blueberries, we keep it all in the family at the Beach House. Bud Chiles, brother of the Beach House owner, Ed Chiles, is serious about investing in Florida’s future by producing healthy, farm to table food.  All of the seasonal blueberries we use in our dishes and desserts are hand-picked - from our family owned Jubilee Farms. 

Jubilee Farms focuses on growing the best, most tasteful berries for its customers. Because they take their time and offer a premium assortment of blueberries, you will taste the difference. Most berries bought at the store are from types that produce the highest yield for the lowest cost. Jubilee Farms blueberries are carefully tended to by human hands and are free from the pesticides, fungicides, etc. that you find on other berries. The berry types are grown for their flavor and spirit. You may feel you are tasting blueberries for the first time when you sample Jubilee Farms blueberries. 

Leave it to our culinary team to come up with some creative ways to use these delicious berries.  Some of the favorite recipes include:

Blueberry Cheesecake with Blueberry Compote - Finish your meal with the perfect ending. Handpicked Jubilee Farms blueberries atop a light and creamy, house made blueberry cheesecake bursting with flavor with the most discriminating cheesecake aficionado. Presented on a swirl of blueberry and gently crowned with a blueberry compote and a kiss of whipped cream, you may want to order more than one!

Blueberry Ice Cream Cookie - perfect for sharing - The Beach House is pleased to present this southern treat with a new twist. Friends may share the three mini cookies with freshly made Tyler's blueberry ice cream carefully placed in between each cookie delight. A wonderful delicacy available only at our restaurants. 

Blueberry Margarita - As delicious as it is beautiful, enjoy the sunshine with our cool, relaxing fresh blueberry margarita. Layers of berries, chosen specifically to compliment the flavors of our signature margarita, will soothe your spirit and your body.  

Whether you choose cheesecake, ice cream, or a decidedly "adult" version of out blueberry cocktail, you will enjoy a burst of sunshine and flavor that only Florida Grown Fruit can offer. 

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