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Smooth Caribbean flavors in the Island Patriot

July 24, 2018

Celebrate independence from uninspired cocktails and try the true Island Patriot.  It's  hot outside, you are spending the day on the beach or you just need a break in your day and need an icy beverage to refresh you. Slide up to the bar on the deck with our cool mist and great views on the Deck at the Beach House and enjoy an Island Patriot or two. 

This thick and creamy refreshing cocktail features half Strawberry Daiquiri, half Blue Pina Colada.   There is no need to choose which drink you prefer when you can have both layered in the Island Patriot.  Add a topping of fresh whipped cream, and indulge your island senses as you soak in the tropical breezes and relax with the clean taste of coconut water rum.

The Island Patriot features Rum Haven Coconut Rum which has the unique recipe that is made with coconut water and cane sugar for a smooth Caribbean flavor.

Get ready to feature our Island Patriot drink in your vacation photos - it's that good!

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